Sell Your Car

Whatever car you have to sell, we at Sell Us Your Car want to buy it from you! From old bangers to souped-up high-end motors, and even vans and motorbikes - if it has wheels and an engine, tell us about it and we will buy it. Just fill in the form to the left to get started!

Our used car dealers are based up and down the country, allowing us to buy any car from anyone in the UK, from in the middle of urban districts in rush hour to the most remote parts of the country. Sell Us Your Car is accommodating to all of our clients, no matter what vehicle they have or where they want to sell it from.

How to Sell my Car

If you want to sell your car to us, simply fill in a few key pieces of information about the vehicle in the form on the left. We will then run this through our national database of car dealers to find one in your area that will give you a great deal for your used car. One of our professional team will then get in touch with you to discuss our offer and work out how we will buy the vehicle from you.

We will aim to collect your car at a time of your convenience and take all the hassle out of selling a car. The team at Sell Us Your Car will even send off DVLA forms and complete the other necessary paperwork, allowing you to be confident that you will not receive any threatening letters in the post and will get a great deal for your used car.

Cars Bought for Cash

When one of our drivers comes to pick up your car, they will bring the amount of cash that was agreed on so the transaction can be completed as quickly as possible, putting money in your pocket with the minimum amount of fuss.

No matter what your requirements are, we will be more than accommodating, collecting any vehicle at any place. It doesn't matter what age or condition your car is in or what make and model it is - we want to buy it from you for cash and will deliver the money straight to you. Wherever you are and whatever car you want to sell, we are willing to give you money for it.

Find out what we have to offer by filling in the form on the left! We will get back in contact with you to help you get the best possible cash deal for your used car. From Astras to Zetecs and from Peugeot 105s to the BMW 9 Series, we deal with every type of car, so get in touch today!